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Donn Mccann

 Very satisfied with my purchase


Ever since my wife and I had our first child, her sex drive plummet to a point where she would reject me for sex. I was worried about our relationship and with some googling, I found that it is normal for a woman to have low sex drive just after birth. After sharing with some friends, they ask me if I did consider visiting a prostitute for my needs but I didn’t want to hurt our relationship further by doing anything silly. I was also recommended to try aphrodisiac to boost her sex and there’s where I stumbled upon Spanish fly ultra. I told my wife and we shared a bottle. It really worked and she was more receptive to arousal. It has been a month now and it feels like we are a loving young couple again.

Jerry Everett

 Will be getting more of these. Worth trying. 


I tried it two weeks ago and I and my partner are loving it! It is fast and fantastic and makes our dates unforgettable. It works so fast that I have to ensure that we are in a private place before having it. I think I will get some more of these Spanish fly, they are way better than anything else in the market.

Tyler Holmes

 Fast and discreet shipping. GF loves is very much.


The shipping is fast (it took just three days) and discreet and the item is in perfect condition. My partner shared it with me and we had such a fantastic time that now she keeps asking for more! She is the girl of my dreams and I am very happy that we are experiencing this together.

Felix Rollins

 Awesome product, men can use it too!


The Spanish Fly that I bought as an anniversary surprise for my husband actually surprised me! It made me crave for his body in the bedroom and my husband was totally delighted! In fact we are planning to take Spanish Fly together and I can’t wait for the experience. It is the best thing that has happened to us-our sex life has become exciting and our relationship stronger.

Javier Ponce

 Great valentine’s day gift


Superb experience! Totally wonderful! But I think the recommended dose was a bit strong for my girl so I diluted the next bottle and we made out twice, once at night and again in the morning. I will get some more of Spanish Fly for every single valentine’s day.