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Papel da obesidade em seu desejo sexual e libido

Being obese or overweight can affect your libido. Obesity in women can change self-image, which may decrease sex drive because the body is deficient in energy and nutrients.  Obese women are also likely to suffer from miscarriages and failed pregnancies. A low sex drive may cause numerous issues in your relationship. You may start to loose your self-esteem as well as confidence. In order to improve women libido, it is vital to get to the cause first. If your libido decreasing due to physical factor, then it is vital to get a medical checkup in order to find any non sexual condition which will be causing the libido issue. Other physical factors may be hormonal imbalances, fatigue, alcoholism , exertion or certain medication. Psychological or Emotional factors can involve any of the following:

  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Depressão
  • Low Self Esteem Or Low Self Image.

Once the reason has been discovered out, few things can be considered in order to improve libido in obese women. In this article, we will discuss about the ways to increase your sex drive.

Increased Energy Means Increase Libido –

Do you want to increase your sex drive? If yes, then you should boost your energy levels.  Apart from trying out spanish fly, if you would like to improve your sex drive, then you need to change your diet in order to get more sexually friendly foods- long burning carbs, lean protein, and leafy greens.  Foods such as fish, whole grain rice, turkey and spinach may take long time to prepare, but you will be benefited in the bedroom!

Exercising with your partner  –

Exercise is the best way to increase sex drive. It releases hormones in the body that decrease the level of stress and you will be relaxed to think about sex. Moreover, it increases the muscles and assists you burn fat. Both these factors cause hormonal and physiological changes that may improve your libido.

If you will do workout with your partner, it may improve emotional attachments and bonding. There are various exercises which can be done particularly towards increasing sex like cardio, stretching for stamina and Kegels which may tighten your vagina.

Self Esteem or Self image-

When women feel uncomfortable with the image size, then their sex drive decreases. You should be more confident about the body and size. You may consult with a therapist if need be. If you have obesity, then you need to eat healthy, and do exercise. If you have fit body, then it will go a long way towards increasing your self esteem and thus improving libido!

When folks think of obesity, they consider obesity being bad for your health.  However, this condition causes lots of problems for all aspects of life such as sexual life.  By tackling your health as well as obesity, you will surely look better, feel better, and have increased libido!


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