What Spanish Fly will do for you!

Safe and effective method for both couples to enjoy!

Forget low libido and inadequate sex drive; forget your worries about being a unsatisfactory partner in sex-all this is now a thing of the past as SpanishFly™ is here to pump up your sex life!

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  • SpanishFly™ is a completely safe product and the best libido enhancer in the market.
  • It works fast, really fast! Arousal time is just 5 minutes and orgasm will be reached faster.
  • An overly wet vagina and increased sex drive.
  • Increased blood flow to the female genital and engorgement of the clitoris will lead to more intense clitoral sensations and will make her crave for more pleasure.
  • Faster and more intense orgasm for both men and women.
  • She will be capable of having multiple orgasms.
  • You will make her scream for MORE and she will not let you go!


Main Ingredients: Water, Fructose, Melatonin and Canitis
Dosage: Mix around 5 drops with any beverage (coffee, tea, soft drink, water or beer). The sex drops is colourless, tasteless and odorless and cannot be detected.